Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sewing for Sanity

This image was in my facebook timeline a few days ago and it sums things up well at the moment.

I have been squeezing in some stress busting sewing time, I even emptied my to mend pile which has now reformed with the bits and pieces that didn't fit in the pile before. Some of that is paid work though so I can't complain.

Cabin Dress Fail!
The only problem with sewing like I have been is that it seems to include quite a few fails. I made a top for my Mum and the neck was far too wide, I made a dress/tunic for me and it looks like ill fitting hospital scrubs and I made another top for me from woven fabric which is far too small across the bust so that will hopefully fit Mum!

hopefully it doesn't look squint on...!

I have had a few successes though. I made a bridesmaids dress for a friend by cutting up and making a pattern from a RTW dress. This was the first time I had exactly copied another dress and I had great fun doing it, it pleased the inner physicist/mathematician that has been in hiding for 10 years :)

One of the things in my to mend/ WIP pile was this little owl. I cut him out about 2 years ago from various scraps. It has now been adopted by little e and is living on her bed.

The next few things on my to make list are leggings and A-line skirts so hopefully no more sewing fails!