Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Goodbye 2015

What a year. I have never been on such an emotional rollercoaster as 2015 and hope never to be on another like it.

Throughout the stress of Mum's cancer diagnosis, chemo, surgery, apparent cure, terminal diagnosis, more chemo (that almost killed her) and then her death at the end of November there have been some good bits and some sewing.

In January I discovered Yoga with Adriene, amazing is the only word necessary. Have a look at her on you tube, loads of free yoga videos. 

In March my sister announced she was expecting Baby number 2!

In June I started advertising my business doing alterations,  mending, custom clothing and sewing lessons. It has gone really well and I have matched my part time salary from my other job with income from this one which is amazing considering the circumstances. Hopefully this will continue although I do hope folk will start remembering when I am coming round to measure/pin/collect things, I have now been greeted twice by folk in just their dressing gowns :)

In July we went on an amazing holiday to Prague. We will be going back.

In August I met up with some other lovely sewing bloggers in Glasgow which was a nice escape from reality for a day.

My sisters baby was born the day before Mum's birthday in October and is an absolutely gorgeous little boy! Mum got some quality cuddles with him before she died which was lovely.

During the year I also squeezed in some sewing, lots of repeated use of patterns and all essential items that have been well worn. All except the parrot dress that I forgot to take on holiday with me. It was then going to be my Mum's funeral dress but she asked if we would all wear Christmas jumpers as well as bright colours to the funeral so it never got worn then either. Next summer!

Onwards and upwards now. 2016 is going to be my year of more complicated sewing. I have a jacket pattern to make a blazer for my husband, a jeans pattern for me and want to finish my winter coat that I started in early 2014 so that should keep me busy, along with the hundreds of meters of curtains and trousers I will hopefully be hemming :)

Monday, 21 December 2015

Catching up

I have had a few posts sitting in draft form for ages so though I would just do a wee catch up post instead of attempting to do a proper post on each thing.

Exhibit 1:

A blue silk circle skirt made for going to Prague in the summer. I made this some gorgeous buttery silk that is lovely to wear, perfect for warm weather.

Exhibit 2:

A raglan sleeved to that I made using the pattern from Sew U Stretch book and swapping the jersey front with a woven cotton front. It is a wee bit short so I may add a jersey band to the bottom eventually.

Exhibit 3:

I was a pattern tester for the Megan Nielsen Mini Tania Culottes. These were a fab make, I can highly recommend the pattern. I made these slightly big in the vain hope that little E might wear them in the summer.

I also have a couple of WIP's. One is a dress I have almost finished but can't get the zip in without it going all wrong, I think it may have a more fundamental fitting issue. Maybe something to tackle int he Christmas holidays.... or maybe not.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sad times

I couldn't think of an appropriate title for this post, sad times doesn't even come close.

As I have said before, my Mum was diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer on the 23rd December last year, she fought bravely for 11 months, went though huge surgery in March, was given the all clear in May then on the 1st August found out the cancer was back and now terminal. Sadly she died on the 28th November. We had her funeral yesterday.

She spent her final 17 days in the Marie Curie Hospice where we celebrated my new nephew's baptism then Christmas on the 21st November. After seeing this photo Mum decided that Christmas jumpers should be worn for her funeral. She got her wish , I doubt there has ever been as jolly a looking funeral party! 200+ people came to the church for the celebration of her life which is a testament to how involved she was in so many different aspects of life.

My life now has to get back to some kind of normal. I have been caring for Mum during the week since August so have not had much time for anything sewing or crafty. That will now change as I actively look for distractions...