Sunday, 15 October 2017

Tunic tops for Autumn

It is officially boots weather which means I wear tighter trousers and need more tops to cover my large behind, I hate wearing skinny jeans and short tops!

Anyone that has been reading for a while will know I try and only buy second hand or fairtrade fabric which means I get a lot of my fabric from people destashing on ebay. The downside to this is they come in random lengths and sometimes I have a great plan but not enough fabric!

Both these tops were supposed to be lengthened Plantain tops like this one I made earlier in the year but there was only enough of the green sequins (mermaid fabric!) to make a Plantain.

The other one became a lengthened Shannon top by Sew Simple patterns. Both are short sleeves which I don't usually wear in the autumn and winter but they will spend most of their lives under cardigans anyway!

I did try and make the trousers from The Shannon Collection but, as usual, I didn't have enough fabric... I might have to bite the bullet and spend some money, off to search ebay!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Waistcoat Curious

Waistcoat curious, that is how my husband described himself before his birthday (in August...). Now he is a waistcoat lover.

He is a man obsessed with Makita power tools and I knew he would expect something Makita related for his birthday so decided to surprise him with a waistcoat instead and hope he wouldn't be too disappointed!

I used the Kwik Sew pattern K3662 , Harris Tweed that I inherited from Mum and some old buttons.

I sewed it up in secret over a few days and evenings catching and hour here and there and it went together really nicely, I love sewing wool.

I cut out the pattern between the M and L (based on the measurements of his favourite shirt) and also lengthened the pattern. I actually don't think I could have got a better fit with him trying it on - I was amazed!

Now I have to pluck up the courage to make the jacket that I promised him 18 months ago...