Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello 2017

2016 in months
How can it possibly be 2017 already?! The last year has flown by in a flurry of blood glucose readings, injections, house renovations and sewing for others.

The last few years have been so chaotic and full of unexpected medical things that I feel like I might jinx things if I write any plans for the year down. The house is now finished though so hopefully I will get some more time to sew for pleasure again and maybe even blog a bit more than hardly ever. I have a hoodie planned if I can get my printer to behave and actually do it's job

2017 is already looking good holiday wise (and we went to Krakow in December which was amazing). We have booked to go to London the the Harry Potter experience in February and then to Iceland for a week in July. I love holiday planning so am in my element, I got bargain train tickets to London, £35 premier inn room in London, cheap £60 easyjet return flights to Iceland and an airbnb apartment in the centre of Reykjavik. I just hope that the rest of Iceland doesn't break the bank...

I have also spent a bit of time over the holidays addressing the whole work life balance issues that have snuck up on me. I have had 105 separate sewing jobs over the last 12 months and that does not look like it will slow down any time soon which is great but a bit stressful.  I am not entirely sure how to deal with it but making sure I stick to only 2.5 days per week working is a start ( I have another job that is one day a week).

Anyway, I have rambled long enough, Happy New Year everyone!