Thursday, 17 January 2019

A Tilly and the Buttons trio

Last Friday afternoon the stars aligned, the kids were entertaining themselves, the kitten was sleeping and I had a tidy house for once so that meant there was some time for some non guilt inducing sewing!

I had been resisting the Tilly and the Buttons  Stretch book for a while but the Freya top pattern became too much of a draw and I bought it with some of my Christmas money. What a quick make and it fits exactly as I hoped. I made 2, one from liberty jersey (that was once a failed polo neck) and the other from some gorgeous organic cotton jersey that I got in a web site closing down sale a while ago.

I continued on the Tilly and the Buttons theme and decided to make the denim Cleo dress I have had in my head for almost a year and had the fabric in my stash for 8 years.... I had been putting off making it as I have been shrinking but now that has slowed down and I approach my target at snails pace I decided it was time to bite the bullet.

I had to retrace and cut the pattern in a smaller size than before - result (!) and from then it was a speedy make.

I used the rainbow overlocker thread I got for my birthday and teal top stitching thread. I may never use another thread in my overlocker again!

The only problem with the dress is the straps slip in the buckles, I need to work out how to stop that or one day I may loose the dress. I don't fancy ending up with it round my ankles!

I'm now itching to try some of the other patterns from the book. I ordered 20m of organic jersey today from as I have had no luck buying second hand jersey on ebay which is how I normally buy my fabric. My jersey items of clothing are all very well worn and some way past their best so I was getting desperate. Hopefully the joggers will be coming to life soon.