Friday, 22 February 2019

Diane Von Furstenberg V1549 - The Wrap Dress

My Mother in Law arrived in last month with a load of vintage patterns that she was sending to recycling if I didn't want them. Obviously, being the sewing related magpie that I am, I took them, even though she is a significantly smaller designed human than I am so all the patterns would require grading.

There were some gorgeous patterns and in them was the DVF wrap dress which is ridiculously sought after.

This jumped to the top of my sewing to make plans, I had to see what all the fuss was about!

I had just had a delivery of gorgeous organic cotton jersey from the Organic Textile Company which was perfect timing; the fabric I decided to use is 100% cotton Jersey but very stable so I thought it would be perfect for this dress which is designed for woven and jersey.

I graded and cut out the pattern but unfortunately my fabric was a bit narrow and the skirt front pieces as not quite as full as they should be. I also had no fabric left for the belt, cuffs or collar ( wasn't sure about the cuffs and collar anyway). When I tried it on it was miles too big, I am not sure why, I must have gone wrong somewhere with the grading or maybe it was the fabric choice. I ended up taking in about 1.5 inches on each side seam and about 4 inches from each sleeve, they were massive! That was the final straw and it has hung in disgrace on the door of the sewing room for weeks.

Last night it had annoyed me enough I finally finished it. The belt is made from the facings that I had in the dress (and is nothing like the belt it is supposed to have...) and I replaced the original facings with white cotton which actually works better anyway.

It has turned out fine, but honestly I have no idea what the fuss is about this pattern. It will be worn though and is very comfy I just don't see me making any more!

 Now to address the more pressing gap in the wardrobe, trousers, I have none and am fed up of jeans so if any has and recommendations that would be great!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

A Tilly and the Buttons trio

Last Friday afternoon the stars aligned, the kids were entertaining themselves, the kitten was sleeping and I had a tidy house for once so that meant there was some time for some non guilt inducing sewing!

I had been resisting the Tilly and the Buttons  Stretch book for a while but the Freya top pattern became too much of a draw and I bought it with some of my Christmas money. What a quick make and it fits exactly as I hoped. I made 2, one from liberty jersey (that was once a failed polo neck) and the other from some gorgeous organic cotton jersey that I got in a web site closing down sale a while ago.

I continued on the Tilly and the Buttons theme and decided to make the denim Cleo dress I have had in my head for almost a year and had the fabric in my stash for 8 years.... I had been putting off making it as I have been shrinking but now that has slowed down and I approach my target at snails pace I decided it was time to bite the bullet.

I had to retrace and cut the pattern in a smaller size than before - result (!) and from then it was a speedy make.

I used the rainbow overlocker thread I got for my birthday and teal top stitching thread. I may never use another thread in my overlocker again!

The only problem with the dress is the straps slip in the buckles, I need to work out how to stop that or one day I may loose the dress. I don't fancy ending up with it round my ankles!

I'm now itching to try some of the other patterns from the book. I ordered 20m of organic jersey today from as I have had no luck buying second hand jersey on ebay which is how I normally buy my fabric. My jersey items of clothing are all very well worn and some way past their best so I was getting desperate. Hopefully the joggers will be coming to life soon.

Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 round up

It has been almost 6 months since I posted anything here, I have been making though, just not had time to blog it all.

In the summer I made a lot,  I have lost almost 2 stone and none of my summer clothes fitted anymore, nice problem to have. I wasn't loosing weight to change how I looked but to try and get rid of the persistent heart burn I was suffering from. The heavier I got the worse it got so it was a no brainer since my Mum died of Oesophageal cancer that had no doubt started as Barrat's oesophagus which is caused by persistent heart burn. Loosing weight has worked, I have had heart burn maybe 3 times in the last 6 months which is amazing!

Anyway, on to the sewing!

I have blogged a few of these makes but not all of them.

So, starting from the top left:

Jalie Swimsuit 3350. This was fun to make and went together fairly easily. The swimsuit fits perfectly.

Love Sewing Mag shorts and trousers, from a free pattern and I made up the instructions. I used left over jersey from the jumpsuit I made for the trousers and stash jersey (originally from the Village Haberdashery years ago in the sale) for the shorts.

McCalls 7629 cropped blouse. I got the pattern during the big pattern swap and made it in some apple print cotton from my stash.

See & Sew B5166 wrap dress, love it but not had an occasion to wear it yet.

2 McCalls 6844 Cardis, boring staples in the wardrobe. The creamy one has some wool in it and is itchy, the mint one has a bit too much stretch in the fabric but is fine. Both have been worn loads.

Simplicity 1318 Kimono, worn a lot in the summer, hopefully we get the weather again in 2019!

A 1980's pattern top, see the last blog post.

The autumn was much slower on the sewing front, my Granny was in hospital (and in the last few weeks moved into a care home) so I didn't have as much care to do for her which meant I could take on more paid work. Great for the bank balance but not so good for personal sewing, spending all day altering and mending zaps the desire to sew for fun!

I did finished my husbands long awaited jacket, it took over 6 months to complete and I am not entirely happy with it, I will definitely make another jacket but I will use a better pattern the next time, this one, Kwik Sew 3485, was not great.

I also made the Clare Coat by Closetcase patterns. What a lovely pattern! I made it from wool in my stash that had been Mum's and the sleeves are my old 1993 suede trousers! The lining was small bits of silk from my stash.

Then we got a cat and the only things I have made since is a Halifax Hoodie Sweatshirt and 2 tartan skirts! Smidge the cat is gorgeous though, I would never have thought I would turn into a crazy cat lady but I appear to have....!

My sewing / buying plans for 2019 involve not buying anything new and continuing to work through my fabric stash. I did buy some new jersey a few months ago to make into some new Lady Skater / Montea / other jersey dresses and a few tops as a lot of mine are on their last legs and I don't have much useful sized jersey in my stash. Maybe I will get some sewing done this week....

See you in 2019!