Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Off on my holidays!

There is much excitement in the house today, we head to Florida tomorrow with an unknown return date as they have moved the shuttle launch we hoped to see and if it is rescheduled for before the 3rd May we are going to extend our stay to see it!

I am going with a spare hold all in the suitcase so I can fill it with loads of crafty goodies, can't wait!!

Back in a couple of weeks

Monday, 11 April 2011

Another simple jewellery make!

I made these for my old school friend who turns 30 later this month, she is a very pink sparkly girl so hope she likes them!

I have made these type of bracelets before and the only hard thing about them is tying the elastic in a knot which I think you need about 4 hands for (anyone got any tips on this please let me know)!

Supplies, elastic thread and Swarovski crystals (buy genuine ones for amazing sparkle!):

All you need to do is thread the crystals on to the elastic thread and when it is the desired length tie the elastic in a knot.

Keep the ends of the elastic long (10cm) so you have a decent length to tie knots with. I always tie a double knot then give it a stretch so I can check the knots will not slip or burst then I do another knot for luck. I give it another wee stretch then snip the ends close (maybe 2mm) to the knot.

My only warning it to check the knot in the elastic over a container so if the bracelet bursts the (rather expensive) crystals don't go everywhere.....I learnt the hard way!!

Gosh my wedding ring needs a polish, it looks like stainless steel!!
This is so simple but the crystals are expensive (each bracelet works out at about £4) so if you are making these for a little girl I would buy cheaper crystals so it won't matter if it gets lost! 

Friday, 8 April 2011


I put the Easter eggs I had bought out of reach...

unfortunately they were in the sun!! oops! Looks like another trip to Sainsbury's is required, at least I have a good excuse to make lots of chocolately cakes and biscuits (cookies for those who don't know UK lingo!)!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Great kids toy!

I totally underestimated the brilliance of this cuddly bird (it is a chaffinch). It was bought from the RSPB and when you squeeze him he does the call of a chaffinch.

Most of the time he is in his nest (which is clematis twisted in to a nest shape and tied with string) but in the small amount of time he is played with he has obviously made an impact. When little e was in the garden the other day she shouted "Mummy, Mummy birdie making noise like my birdie!" and when I went outside she was right there was a chaffinch tweeting away! I was amazed she recognised it, so cool! I think there may be more birdies living here soon!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Possibly the easiest jewellery make ever!

I bought these wee acrylic flowers on ebay a few months ago. I was browsing the craft stuff and decided they were too good to resist but had no idea what I would do with them!

I decided last night that the gorgeous little flowers had been in my craft drawer for far too long so decided to have a rake and see what jewellery making findings I had.

Little blue flower + stud earring backs + super glue =

They are super cute on (would post the photo of them on my ears but I am too disturbed by the grey hairs....) and they took about 30 seconds to make plus the time for the glue to dry so all in all a very quick and easy make!