Monday, 31 March 2014

Darling Ranges - a wearable muslin

I have had the PDF Darling Ranges pattern by Megan Nielsen since November and finally got round to printing it out and sticking it together so I could try out a wearable muslin a few weeks ago.

After reading Kerry's post about broad upper back adjustments I realised that this is what I have needed in a lot of patterns. When I made the Banksia I did a FBA and it ended up massive so went with just a broad upper back adjustment with the Darling Ranges. I also made the arm holes slightly deeper and sleeve pieces slightly wider to accommodate my bingo wings :)

I was using a cast off maxi dress from my Mum for the fabric and didn't have enough for the full DR dress so made a blouse instead. It looks nice on the hanger but it is not the most flattering - gathering round my widest part.... I think when I make the dress I might put a circle skirt on it to avoid the gathering!

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Sunday, 30 March 2014


Big E: Do my eyes look huge?!

little e: They may be 92 years apart in age but little e and Great Granny still get up to mischief together - normally involving ice cream and chocolate...!

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Friday, 21 March 2014

Josephine Top

When I saw this pattern I fell in love. I bought it and made it straight away but unfortunately my desperation to make it meant that I used entirely the wrong fabric as that was all I had enough of...

I used Fairtrade Organic Cotton from here.... It was far to heavy for the pattern and with it on I looked like I belonged in some type of institution, it was awful!

Out came some China Blue Dylon and the result was a bit better,

 It went quite blotchy but it is ok. Luckily my stitching is all pretty straight because the thread didn't take the dye!

The top still looks pretty awful on (not the best camea angle either, I was using timer on the garden wall!) It looks too tight but doesn't feel it. I noticed in the picture of the yellow Josephine it also looks tight on the model..hmmmm. Hopefully by summer I will have shrunk a little and maybe get away with it but for now it is hidden away in my wardrobe

Oh well, I will try again in some more appropriate weight fabric and make the pattern adjustments for my odd shape and hopefully the results will be better!

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Monday, 17 March 2014

A Sorbetto Top - Only 3 years late to the party :)

I think everyone in the sewing world has made a Sorbetto top but I never thought it would do anything for me so have resisted the urge... until now!

I am going to start doing some local sewing classes and wanted a free and fairly easy pattern to begin with so thought I would test out the Sorbetto.

It was easy to make and is a great stash buster. I cut a size 12 over the bust and just under bust area, reducing to an 8 over the hips. I also made the shoulders more square and deepened the arm hole to take account of my ample upper arms!

I had an issue with major baggyness in the top of bust arm hole area to I just stuck in a few extra darts and that sorted it. I should probably have worked out the correct size for my high bust then done a FBA, that was far too much work though :)

It fits nicely and, surprisingly, doesn't make me look too huge! I think I will make more for the summer and maybe even try adding sleeves to one.

Now, I am off to attack my 2 week old Josephine top with some Dylon. Hopefully it will emerge looking slightly less like 'convent/religious institution' wear (do not make it out of plain cream cotton!!) If it goes well I will be back to show you :)

Sunday, 16 March 2014


E&E: Early morning reading session. They can often be found like this when we have sent them back to bed after getting up at silly o'clock!

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Shrove Tuesday - Scotch Pancake recipe

I would normally make pancakes with the kids after tea on Shrove Tuesday but today is my Cousin's 16th Birthday so I will be at her house eating cake after tea!

Knowing that this excuse wouldn't be good enough for E & E I made these Pancakes this morning, ready for them to munch when they get home from school!

Scotch Pancakes (recipe from my Granny!)

7 dessert spoons of plain flour
2 dessert spoons of sugar (I normally only add 1.5)
1tsp cream of tartar
0.5tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
1 egg

Mix dry ingredients.

Add an egg and enough milk to make a thick batter.

Heat and lightly grease a girdle or griddle or frying pan (this is the key, too much butter on the girdle and they burn on the outside and are raw in the  middle, it has taken me years to realise this...!)

Plop on 4 dessert spoons of batter.

When the surface bubbles turn them.

Remove from girdle when bottom is brown.

I always then put them on their side and gently roll them on the girdle a bit as I make my batter thick so the pancakes are thicker so still a bit underdone when the top and bottom are golden brown.

Eat on their own or with raspberry jam -yum!

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Sunday, 2 March 2014


little e: Getting to grips with the rules of chess!

Big E: Lounging and looking a lot older than his 8 years!

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