Monday, 28 May 2012

Helping Hands

I have always been keen to let the kids help doing house work so that when I really need them to help it doesn't seem like  a chore to them. They have cleaned windows, washed floors but never ironed, until now!

I enjoy ironing, especially if it is done while watching some rubbish on the TV so I was not in any desperate hurry to get the kids to do their own but when they asked if they could have a go I seized the moment...

They loved it! They were so proud of their ironed clothes, I had to take photos of each item, I will spare you all the photos though!

Big E ended up doing his whole school uniform, little e did most of her clothes and they argued about who was going to get to do Mummy and Daddy's!

I should say I did watch them and guide them but they knew what to do and where not to touch. Also it was a bit of a science lesson, water, steam etc, all round great fun!

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Another Banksia and some pintrest recipes

I have been meaning to post pics of my latest Banksia top for ages but last week was busy busy busy!

I made this version with some old (60's) polka dot fabric (I think it is maybe thermal blind material as it is nice and warm, perfect for Scotland in the summer!)

Please don't ask why I feel compeled to pull funny faces in most photos...!
My original Banksia top post is here if you want a peek. I cut this one in a size medium and made a muslin first which highlighted the fact that I needed a teeny bit more room over the back so I added about 1cm to the back width which helped greatly. The collar still did not fit that well so I ran some gathering stitches along the back neckline and gathered it to fit the collar, thinking about it I wonder if just raising the back neckline would time!!

After totally neglecting my wifley duties for long enough, and desperately resisting the urge to keep sewing, I decided it was about time I tried to get organised in the food department. I hate savoury cooking and am not very good at it so I spent a lot of time last week trying out a few recipes I had pinned for the slow cooker, this one for orange chicken

is gorgeous, even little e ate it and she hardly eats anything!

I have made about 15 meat based meals for the freezer (which should last us for a good few months as we only eat meat about twice a week) and have drawn up a menu for the next 2 weeks, it is such a good feeling to actually be organised and know what we are eating! Phew!

I made up for all the savoury cooking by doing a bake off for my Granny's 96th birthday tea party, I think I will do a seperate post about that or this might be epic!

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Saturday, 12 May 2012

DIY Dip Dyed / Ombre Skirt

I have been desperate to try dip dying for ages so when my Mum gave a white skirt that she had shrunk out of I knew it would be the perfect candidate! I took the skirt in up the side seams so it fitted then got to work...

If you want to do this you will need:

1 light piece of clothing
1 packed of dye suitable for hand dying, not machine dye (I used Dylon Kingfisher)
A kitchen sink or other non-stainable vessel

Wash you piece of clothing (or if you really can't wait just wet it with warm water then ring it out...)

Hideous orange kitchen soon to be replaced!!

Mix up the dye and dissolve the salt in warm water as per your dyes instructions.

Dip the item so the dye is up to the height you want it to start, swirl it about a wee bit then lift it to the next stage.

I left each stage after the initial swirl for about 10 - 15 mins.

Keep lifting until you reach the end and, it is entirely optional, but you could tidy the kitchen as you wait..!

Rinse very very carefully so you don't splash the dye on to the white.

Once you have all the excess dye out, follow the dye instructions, I had to machine wash at 40.

Wait nervously as it washes then marvel at the end result!

Not a great photo, the colour gradient is much more noticeable in real life :)

I think this might just be my new favourite skirt! Now what else do I have in my wardrobe that is white....

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Thursday, 10 May 2012

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Sunday, 6 May 2012


I was casually browsing The Village Haberdashery a few weeks ago and, I have no idea how (!), a couple of new patterns landed on my doorstep the very next day...! One was the Banksia top.

Banksia by Megan Nielsen

 Before I even unfolded the pattern I had to ooh and aah over the envelope it came in and the instruction booklet, the nicest pattern I have ever seen!

Anyway, I resisted the temptation to make it until last week then the urge bacame too much and it had to be made!

I used some cotton voil from my stash. I bought it 3 years ago and used some for an outfit for little e but, being very new to sewing at the time, bought far too much so I had about 1.5m left.

I cut the size large as that is what tied up with my bust measurement but I will definately go for a s/m the next time as it is fairly huge (and after seeing these photos will definately be adding some more darts to the front of this version so people don't think I am expecting!!).

Untucked is not an option, you should have seen how massive I looked from the side!!

The pattern is really quick to come together and the placket has two different options, both of which have great instructions.

Overall I loved the pattern and instructions and will absolutley make it again but...

 - The collar did not fit the neckline all that well, it is meant to butt up to the placket but if you put it on as it was there would have been about a 1 inch gap at either side. I had to fiddle a bit resulting the collar being slightly narrower at the back than the front. I am not the only one to have this problem it seems, I searched on pinterst for the top and a few of the blog posts about it mentioned a similar problem.

 - The bust darts are really low, I didn't think I had a particularly high bust, I have breastfed 2 children for 2 years each for goodness sake, but they sit really low (even taking in to account the fact that I cut about 2 sizes too big). I think because my top is so huge anyway I get away with it which is lucky because the fabric is very fine and does not like a lot of unpicking!

Now to resist the temptation to make it again straight away!

Recycled Fashion

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

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