Saturday, 26 August 2017


It became pretty obvious when we were clearing out my Mum's things that not only did she buy way too many clothes but all the clothes she made for herself were unfinished! 

Luckily for my wardrobe Mum was larger than me so a lot of things went to charity but I kept a few things to alter and/or finish.

The most recent things to tweak were a River Island Dress and an unfinished silk top.

 The dress was too big round the middle so I opted for the absolute simplest way of taking it in and added some elastic to the back of the dress. I feel a bit like I am wearing a picnic blanket when wearing it and have yet to wear it out of the house but I love it!

The top was a super simple kimono sleeved top but was massive. I put it on, pinned it to size then re sewed the seams. Mum had pinned the hem but never finished it so I let it down a bit and hemmed it.

It is not the most flattering top but it is nice to have the fabric Mum loved so much actually being worn!

I also inherited a rather large fabric stash including a few pieces of Harris Tweed. I made one of them into a waistcoat for the husband's birthday which I will hopefully get posted on here soon!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Juniper Cardigan

Excuse me while I brush off the cobwebs from this neglected part of the internet!

There has not been much time for blogging here lately, I did consider just closing the blog but then decided that, even if no one reads it, it is nice to have a record of things that have been happening or being made so hopefully this will be the first of more regular posts.... we will see!

Anyway, I made a cardigan.
Juniper Cardigan

I have been looking for a short cardigan to wear with my dresses for ages and while browsing Instagram I saw this one, the Juniper Cardigan by Jennifer Lauren Handmade. It ticked all the boxes so I bought it, printed it, stuck it together and cut the pattern out, immediately. Then I realised I forgot to print the sleeves and it sat in my WIP pile for months.. It may still have been in my WIP pile if I hadn't been so keen to try out my new popper putter inner!

When I finally printed the sleeves it was made in an afternoon and I love it! I used a wool jersey that I got from someone destashing on eBay and turquoise Prym poppers. It was an easy make, I am now on the hunt for more wool jersey in different colours so I can have one to match everything!

The next think on my to make list is a kilt type skirt to wear over exercise leggings for the kilt walk on the 17th September (I have not done enough training!). Not sure whether to go for a traditional pleated skirt or make a circle skirt which may look odd in tartan. Decisions decisions. Not my strong point!