Wednesday, 30 November 2011

DIY jingle bell heart - tutorial!

I love these jingle bell decorations but have never been able to bring myself to buy one since they looked so easy to DIY, and I was right!

Supplies to make a 12cm by 12cm heart -

100 tiny (~6mm) jingle bells with a loop on the top
Stiff but thin wire (got in the floristry section of Hobby Craft)
Thin nosed pliers

Bend wire to shape and make a loop in one end so the bells don't just fall off.

Start threading the bells on.

Keep threading.....bunch them up really tight so there is no movement.

When you have reached the end bend the wire over

then hook it together with the first loop

and you have a heart!

Tie a wee bit of ribbon round and hand it up!

A cute wee jingly jangly Christmas decoration that you could easily get away with keeping up all year!

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

DIY Cargo Pants / Trousers

Santa's Elf has been hard at work in my house making Cargo trousers for Big E's friends Christmas.

They are a light ish weight cotton camo with a, rather groovy and not at all because I didn't have enough of one colour, fleece lining!

I made them in the same way as I made these except these are trousers not shorts! I added the mandatory pockets to the outside legs, plenty of room for stones and all other things 5 year old boys like to carry about! I have not done a diy for the pockets, if anyone wants one then let me know and I wll be happy to oblige!!

I made both the camo outer and the fleece inner to the stage of doing the waistband then, with the camo the right way out and the fleece inside out, put the fleece trousers in the camo trousers then basted the waist of camo and fleece together then carried on as before doing the waistband and leg hem.

I added a wee label since they are very similar front and back.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

I heart macro - just for fun

I know this isn't a proper maco but couldn't resist!

What do you think this is???

a towel maybe....

but no

it is a curtain! Tell me it is not normal to make the curtins in your bathroom out of towels...!

We got the keys for our new house on Friday and all I can say is, boy do we have a LOT of work to do....

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The great cowl crochet and some labels

I meant to post this last week but things have been conspiring against me, mainly trying to sort things out for getting our new house this Friday and our house move which is a month tomorrow....arghhhh!

Anyway, I spent last weekend crocheting like a deamon! I made one full size cowl and 2 half sized ones, all are going to be Christmas gifts.

I figured folk would need washing instructions so made labels, three for the cowls and one for the baby hat I made.

I was pleased with them, really tempted to change the blog name to Coo Creations as Heavenly Handmades is my wedding stationery business, but I think that would confuse things!

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Simple but cute baby gifts

Two of my best friends had beautiful baby girls last week, one a day late the other a week early. How come no one has babies for ages then 2 come together!

Since new babies are lavished with gifts I always try and do handmade, at least they will only get one of the things I give them!

I always make personalised t-shirts / vests for a new sibling

and since one of the babies is a first she got a geeky vest,

her Mum and I studied physics together at uni. I have seen these vests all over the place but refused to pay the £10 for something I could make for £1!

I also crocheted each baby a simple hat (using this video tutorial), it is supposed to be newborn size, I feel for any woman who has given birth to a baby with a head that size...!

Then to complete the gifts 2 personalised cards using gorgeous Penny Black rubber stamps.

On a totally random note, we have sold our house and have to be out by the 16th December (eek) and this is my 100th post!