Tuesday, 22 November 2011

DIY Cargo Pants / Trousers

Santa's Elf has been hard at work in my house making Cargo trousers for Big E's friends Christmas.

They are a light ish weight cotton camo with a, rather groovy and not at all because I didn't have enough of one colour, fleece lining!

I made them in the same way as I made these except these are trousers not shorts! I added the mandatory pockets to the outside legs, plenty of room for stones and all other things 5 year old boys like to carry about! I have not done a diy for the pockets, if anyone wants one then let me know and I wll be happy to oblige!!

I made both the camo outer and the fleece inner to the stage of doing the waistband then, with the camo the right way out and the fleece inside out, put the fleece trousers in the camo trousers then basted the waist of camo and fleece together then carried on as before doing the waistband and leg hem.

I added a wee label since they are very similar front and back.


  1. My 5 year old boy would love these! Shame I'm a bit rubbish at sewing lol! x

  2. If I only had a sewing machine I'd definately learn how to those!

  3. Very cool pants! I love that they have fleece lining. I guess they will be warm, not cool.:)

  4. Your little guy is going to be so happy with these cargo pants! I would like to see a how-to for the pocket if you have time. Happy Thanksgiving!