Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What have I bought? - January

I have decided to join in with Elise this year and do a buyers archive per month. I am going to include everything I buy that is clothing and hobby related, hopefully I can use it as evidence that I don't spend as much as husband does on his hobby :)

January was an easy one though, I spent nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have been so restrained, having filled my Seasalt basket more than once then not checked out!

I have already blown the budget for February with a bargain fabric purchase today (although maybe that doesn't count because it is for curtains for the house and we need them...) and am heading to the charity shop tomorrow to drop a load of stuff off which will no doubt result in me leaving something.

On a completely different note, I started fiddling with my blog last night and downloaded a new template which I thought would save somewhere then I could preview it to see what it was like, with no real intention of changing it. It didn't work like that,  when I downloaded it and saved it it just applied it and I spent 2 hours trying to fix it. I am not sure about it, it is really boring but I can't face changing it again. Maybe I will try and look for the html that sets the colours and change that... nothing in simple!