Friday, 22 February 2019

Diane Von Furstenberg V1549 - The Wrap Dress

My Mother in Law arrived in last month with a load of vintage patterns that she was sending to recycling if I didn't want them. Obviously, being the sewing related magpie that I am, I took them, even though she is a significantly smaller designed human than I am so all the patterns would require grading.

There were some gorgeous patterns and in them was the DVF wrap dress which is ridiculously sought after.

This jumped to the top of my sewing to make plans, I had to see what all the fuss was about!

I had just had a delivery of gorgeous organic cotton jersey from the Organic Textile Company which was perfect timing; the fabric I decided to use is 100% cotton Jersey but very stable so I thought it would be perfect for this dress which is designed for woven and jersey.

I graded and cut out the pattern but unfortunately my fabric was a bit narrow and the skirt front pieces as not quite as full as they should be. I also had no fabric left for the belt, cuffs or collar ( wasn't sure about the cuffs and collar anyway). When I tried it on it was miles too big, I am not sure why, I must have gone wrong somewhere with the grading or maybe it was the fabric choice. I ended up taking in about 1.5 inches on each side seam and about 4 inches from each sleeve, they were massive! That was the final straw and it has hung in disgrace on the door of the sewing room for weeks.

Last night it had annoyed me enough I finally finished it. The belt is made from the facings that I had in the dress (and is nothing like the belt it is supposed to have...) and I replaced the original facings with white cotton which actually works better anyway.

It has turned out fine, but honestly I have no idea what the fuss is about this pattern. It will be worn though and is very comfy I just don't see me making any more!

 Now to address the more pressing gap in the wardrobe, trousers, I have none and am fed up of jeans so if any has and recommendations that would be great!