Thursday, 27 October 2016

An Old Favourite

After the last sewing disaster it was time for a quick pick me up to get over the disappointment of wasting all that new fabric...

I stuck to my old friend, the Lady Skater by Kitschy Coo. I bought some lovely grey jersey fabric on ebay from someone selling their stash (this is now I get a lot of my fabric and probably why nothing matches anything in my wardrobe...) a while ago with this pattern in mind, I had even pre-washed it when it arrived so it was ready to cut!

Yes, this really was the best photo!

From deciding to make it to the final dress was about an hour and a half, just what was needed after the last make and a lot of dull alterations. I just need to get myself some tights that will go with it, these were worn in desperation.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

An Epic Failure

The best laid plans...

It all started out well, I bought the pattern - B6392 - and thought I had the perfect fabric. It turns out I didn't have enough of the perfect fabric in my stash (which is good given how this turned out) so I bought some new, something I try and only do when desperate! It was a lighter weight but according to the packet it should have been ok...

I did suspect that this would not be a great make when I was half way though but battled on and it turns out I should have quit while I was ahead!

Above is what the pattern packet looks like.

This is what mine looks like.... I was getting a distinct costume vibe when I was making it but carried on regardless. I tried it on, laughed at myself and showed my husband. He doesn't hold back and told me, while laughing, that I wouldn't look out of place in an Ewok village.

Looks like I have my Halloween costume sorted.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Walking and Sewing

I have had write a proper blog post on my to do list for months and it hasn't happened, I don't really have much to say, life is busy, personal sewing has had to make way for walking over the last few months and my small business is getting busier and busier which is great but mildly crazy!


The walking has had to happen because a fortnight ago I, along with 4 friends, walked the Shine Night Walk in London raising money for Cancer Research UK. Mum always felt guilty that I had to stop walking / running while I was looking after her and made me promise to start again once she was gone so I did as I was told!

It was a full marathon over night so needed proper training. I walked about 270 miles in training so that is what evenings and weekends over the summer were spent doing. I am really glad I did it as physically the walk was fine, just grueling walking all night! We finished in just under 8 hours with about 7.5 hours of walking, think I finished 537 out of about 4000 which wasn't too bad :)

I am actually really glad it did take up my sewing time as I have now changed shape so have a massive pile of clothes to take in before they can be worn again. Not ideal when I seem to spend all the time I have altering other peoples clothes!

One thing I did manage to get cut out and started last weekend was this cardi wrap thing but I am not loving it. I didn't have enough of the fabric I wanted to use so bought another fabric and it is too light weight, I will hopefully get it finished this weekend. Hopefully it's not too blanket like although people seem to be walking about everywhere with picnic blankets over them so I doubt I should worry!