Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Me Made May and a catch up.

How is it the middle of June already?! Time is flying and I can't keep up with everything which means this little place is a bit neglected.

So, time for a random update!

I did Me Made May, all but one day was me made and the one that wasn't was a diy day so I was in my oldest paintiest clothes!

My aim for Me Made May was to work out my style, I don't think I am much further forward there but I did realise during it that I have almost no clothes that I have bought new anymore, 95% of my wardrobe is second hand or I have made.This is great but also means my wardrobe is a bit random and my many Renfrew tops all are the glue that holds it together. They got worn a lot during Me Made May, I stopped taking photos as it was getting a bit dull!

Me Made May and the lovely weather we had at the end of May / start of June have really highlighted the fact I need more in between weather clothes. I only own one pair of cropped trousers and wore them a lot during the warm weather so I should make more. The same goes for lighter weight cardis. It also highlighted the fact that I can't wear my clogs, they kill my back :( I spend a lot of the time in flat and flexible or vivobarefoot shoes so it is not really that surprising. Unfortunately they have not worn well so I can't even sell them

Original Mash-up Nautical Flash (Women)
I did use that as an excuse to buy some Saltwater sandals that I have been eyeing up though...

On the diabetes front things are going well. Little e has started using a continuous glucose monitor which has been a revelation, unfortunately this piece of kit is not on the NHS yet so we are paying for it and it is not cheap. Worth it though for the information it gives and the fact she is not doing finger pricks 10+ times a day, just a quick scan of the sensor. So clever!


At the end of May my Grandad died. He was 102 and led a fantastic life. He had dementia for the last 4 years so in some ways it is good he is gone now and at peace, not tormented by the awful disease. 

On a cheerier note we have almost finished our house! The new stair is in and the new wardrobes for the bedroom have been ordered! Just some painting, skirting and new carpet and we will be there, I can't wait, it has been a long 4.5 years of renovations!

Hopefully I will be back soon as I have been sewing some bits and pieces I should post here, it all depends on our awful internet connection though, I have been trying to post this for a week now!