Tuesday, 11 October 2016

An Epic Failure

The best laid plans...

It all started out well, I bought the pattern - B6392 - and thought I had the perfect fabric. It turns out I didn't have enough of the perfect fabric in my stash (which is good given how this turned out) so I bought some new, something I try and only do when desperate! It was a lighter weight but according to the packet it should have been ok...

I did suspect that this would not be a great make when I was half way though but battled on and it turns out I should have quit while I was ahead!


Above is what the pattern packet looks like.

This is what mine looks like.... I was getting a distinct costume vibe when I was making it but carried on regardless. I tried it on, laughed at myself and showed my husband. He doesn't hold back and told me, while laughing, that I wouldn't look out of place in an Ewok village.

Looks like I have my Halloween costume sorted.


  1. Oh dear!!! Hate when that happens. I talked myself into cutting out fabric recently when I wasn't feeling the project and now I really don't think it's going to work. I'm parking it indefinitely. Sometimes we should listen to ourselves!