I heart macro - just for fun


I know this isn't a proper maco but couldn't resist!

What do you think this is???

a towel maybe....

but no

it is a curtain! Tell me it is not normal to make the curtins in your bathroom out of towels...!

We got the keys for our new house on Friday and all I can say is, boy do we have a LOT of work to do....

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  1. Hmmm, well it is certainly different! Maybe start a new trend? lol. Have fun in your new house! x

  2. great shot and wonderful idea.....

  3. That's a cool shot! Have fun in your new house. I can only imagine that the 'towel curtains' are for keeping out the bright light and for drying off in a pinch, should you forget your towel! :)

  4. cool image; and a beautiful bathroom... of course, the thought was/is you can use your curtains to dry your hands! LOL -- thanks for the smiles. kareninkenai (i heart macro)

  5. Bahaha! Congrats that is so exciting!!! We got our first house the day after Thanksgiving and no one came to the closing! So fun to get a house for the holidays!

  6. lol! some people are just ahead of their times when it comes to decorating :)

    Congratulations on your new home Alison, how exciting!

  7. Hi, me again! Just wanted to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award! Hope you like it! x

  8. Weird... but maybe somehow fashionable?


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