Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Juniper Cardigan

Excuse me while I brush off the cobwebs from this neglected part of the internet!

There has not been much time for blogging here lately, I did consider just closing the blog but then decided that, even if no one reads it, it is nice to have a record of things that have been happening or being made so hopefully this will be the first of more regular posts.... we will see!

Anyway, I made a cardigan.
Juniper Cardigan

I have been looking for a short cardigan to wear with my dresses for ages and while browsing Instagram I saw this one, the Juniper Cardigan by Jennifer Lauren Handmade. It ticked all the boxes so I bought it, printed it, stuck it together and cut the pattern out, immediately. Then I realised I forgot to print the sleeves and it sat in my WIP pile for months.. It may still have been in my WIP pile if I hadn't been so keen to try out my new popper putter inner!

When I finally printed the sleeves it was made in an afternoon and I love it! I used a wool jersey that I got from someone destashing on eBay and turquoise Prym poppers. It was an easy make, I am now on the hunt for more wool jersey in different colours so I can have one to match everything!

The next think on my to make list is a kilt type skirt to wear over exercise leggings for the kilt walk on the 17th September (I have not done enough training!). Not sure whether to go for a traditional pleated skirt or make a circle skirt which may look odd in tartan. Decisions decisions. Not my strong point!


  1. I'm still reading. Glad you are back! The cardigan looks fab. I really like the turquoise poppers! Nice touch.

  2. I'm still reading too. I think a kilt type skirt would look better than a circle skirt.