Friday, 21 March 2014

Josephine Top

When I saw this pattern I fell in love. I bought it and made it straight away but unfortunately my desperation to make it meant that I used entirely the wrong fabric as that was all I had enough of...

I used Fairtrade Organic Cotton from here.... It was far to heavy for the pattern and with it on I looked like I belonged in some type of institution, it was awful!

Out came some China Blue Dylon and the result was a bit better,

 It went quite blotchy but it is ok. Luckily my stitching is all pretty straight because the thread didn't take the dye!

The top still looks pretty awful on (not the best camea angle either, I was using timer on the garden wall!) It looks too tight but doesn't feel it. I noticed in the picture of the yellow Josephine it also looks tight on the model..hmmmm. Hopefully by summer I will have shrunk a little and maybe get away with it but for now it is hidden away in my wardrobe

Oh well, I will try again in some more appropriate weight fabric and make the pattern adjustments for my odd shape and hopefully the results will be better!

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  1. Pretty colour! I think this will be lovely in the right fabric, and this version doesn't look that bad. But from experience, making something in the wrong fabric never feels quite right on. Hope it works better for you next time. And your pin tucks look fab! Very straight and even!

  2. I haven't seen this pattern before, it's lovely. Always frustrating when you find out too late that fabric is wrong for the pattern but I like the blue and it looks very wearable x