Monday, 11 April 2011

Another simple jewellery make!

I made these for my old school friend who turns 30 later this month, she is a very pink sparkly girl so hope she likes them!

I have made these type of bracelets before and the only hard thing about them is tying the elastic in a knot which I think you need about 4 hands for (anyone got any tips on this please let me know)!

Supplies, elastic thread and Swarovski crystals (buy genuine ones for amazing sparkle!):

All you need to do is thread the crystals on to the elastic thread and when it is the desired length tie the elastic in a knot.

Keep the ends of the elastic long (10cm) so you have a decent length to tie knots with. I always tie a double knot then give it a stretch so I can check the knots will not slip or burst then I do another knot for luck. I give it another wee stretch then snip the ends close (maybe 2mm) to the knot.

My only warning it to check the knot in the elastic over a container so if the bracelet bursts the (rather expensive) crystals don't go everywhere.....I learnt the hard way!!

Gosh my wedding ring needs a polish, it looks like stainless steel!!
This is so simple but the crystals are expensive (each bracelet works out at about £4) so if you are making these for a little girl I would buy cheaper crystals so it won't matter if it gets lost! 


  1. Very pretty! I haven't tried to work with elastic or knots yet.

  2. It looks really nice, I will definitely be making one in the future! I like your blog and am interested to see what else you do in the future, I would love it if you followed me back:

  3. I love crystal jewelry, including crystal pendants, fashion rings, crystal necklaces and so on. Collected a lot at home. Very happy to see them.