Sunday, 15 October 2017

Tunic tops for Autumn

It is officially boots weather which means I wear tighter trousers and need more tops to cover my large behind, I hate wearing skinny jeans and short tops!

Anyone that has been reading for a while will know I try and only buy second hand or fairtrade fabric which means I get a lot of my fabric from people destashing on ebay. The downside to this is they come in random lengths and sometimes I have a great plan but not enough fabric!

Both these tops were supposed to be lengthened Plantain tops like this one I made earlier in the year but there was only enough of the green sequins (mermaid fabric!) to make a Plantain.

The other one became a lengthened Shannon top by Sew Simple patterns. Both are short sleeves which I don't usually wear in the autumn and winter but they will spend most of their lives under cardigans anyway!

I did try and make the trousers from The Shannon Collection but, as usual, I didn't have enough fabric... I might have to bite the bullet and spend some money, off to search ebay!


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