Monday, 21 December 2015

Catching up

I have had a few posts sitting in draft form for ages so though I would just do a wee catch up post instead of attempting to do a proper post on each thing.

Exhibit 1:

A blue silk circle skirt made for going to Prague in the summer. I made this some gorgeous buttery silk that is lovely to wear, perfect for warm weather.

Exhibit 2:

A raglan sleeved to that I made using the pattern from Sew U Stretch book and swapping the jersey front with a woven cotton front. It is a wee bit short so I may add a jersey band to the bottom eventually.

Exhibit 3:

I was a pattern tester for the Megan Nielsen Mini Tania Culottes. These were a fab make, I can highly recommend the pattern. I made these slightly big in the vain hope that little E might wear them in the summer.

I also have a couple of WIP's. One is a dress I have almost finished but can't get the zip in without it going all wrong, I think it may have a more fundamental fitting issue. Maybe something to tackle int he Christmas holidays.... or maybe not.


  1. Good luck with the zip in your dress. These are great. I particularly like the T-shirt with woven front, what a great idea. Your little girl looks very pleased with her culottes.

    1. Thanks! The t-shirt is a fab way to use up the wee bits of fabric I get left with and can't get rid of.