Tuesday, 13 November 2012

DIY Swarovski Sparkle!

I have been having some fun making sparkly Swarovski earrings again, I think these might feature heavily in my Christmas giving!

They are so simple to make, using the headpin bending technique brilliantly shown at My Girlish Whims, then attaching the crystals to jump rings, other crystals etc depending on the look you want!

These are all watermarked Coo Creations because I have started a facebook page to try and sell some of the crafty things I love making. So, if you are looking for some small Christmas gifts have a look!

Right, no more time wasting, time to empty the kitchen in prep for the new flooring coming on Friday!!


  1. Those earings look very glam.
    Good luck with your shop.

  2. Great earrings! Thanks for linking up to tip toe thru tuesday.