Thursday, 7 February 2013

An exciting new venture!

Little e has had flu all week so we have been housebound. Not much fun for her but really productive for me!

I set up a facbook 'shop 'a while ago trying to sell some of my crafty things. I have sold a few things to friends and family but not to anyone I didn't feel was just being polite :) With the ever looming prospect of little e going to school in August and me being home alone I decided to bite the bullet and make a proper web site for this new venture and am planning on booking a table at our local farmers market!

The new site is called Coo Creations, feel free to go have a browse and let me know what you think!


  1. Your web site looks nice. I like the way you have set it up.
    Was it easy to do?
    I was wondering about doing something similar but selling different types of baby blankets.

    1. Thanks Carol! It was really easy, I used Weebly which is really simple (and free), all drag and drop elements so no need to know any code or fancy web site stuff :) I bought the domain from Go Daddy and it was only $20 for 2 years.