Thursday 9 May 2013

DIY Ninja Costume

Big E has been requesting a Ninja costume for ages, so, after being asked for the millionth time, I raked around my fabric stash, found an old white sheet, and got to work.

I used McCalls 3416 as the starting point. The trousers were easy, simple elasticated waist and baggy straight legs.

The shirt front and arms were as the pattern but I modified the front shirt pieces to make it overlapping with no fastenings.All this involved was continuing the v of the neckline across the body in a straight line stopping once it was the width of the shirt. I did the same on the other side but didn't continue the v down as far as it was going underneath the other side.

I added a facing on the outside of the neckline to add some detail and made a simple belt out of strips of cotton.

After all the asking it only took a couple of hours to make, and I now have a very happy boy!

He has now requested a mask like the lego ninjago figures.... off to find another white sheet...

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  1. Awesome - my 7 yr old would LOVE this! I am currently making costumes for my daughter's upcoming birthday - just can't help myself :)

    Hope you are well, Estelle xx

  2. Yay Mum! Great way to make him joyous!

  3. What a wonderful costume!!! :-)

  4. Cuteness! That is one great ninja pose at the end!

  5. It looks awesome! Being a ninja does sound like fun :) Thanks for linking up to Monday Funday!

  6. Brilliant Alison! That's one very happy boy!


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