Monday, 15 September 2014

Super simple blouse alteration

There seems to be a trickle of unwanted clothing in to my house at the moment and it is stressing me, my suitcase of items to refashion has turned into a suitcase + a pile by the bed + a pile by the sewing machine!

Then main source of the clothes is my Mum. She is a clothes fiend and my constant gently nagging about cheap clothes and the poor people who make them is not working all that well... When she decides things don't suit / fit properly, I can't bear to see them wasted. Someone has made these clothes, some almost certainly earning below a living wage, in factories where the conditions are awful, so I think it is my duty to at least wear the clothes.

My Mum is a couple of sizes bigger than me so everything needs altered. I started with the easy things, the first was a blouse.

It started very baggy and making me look massive!

All I did was take it in from the upper arm then down the side seams. I kept it loose so I can comfortably wear a top underneath, it is very sheer!

It is still not very flattering but fills the 'smart/casual evening' gap in my wardrobe nicely, in fact it had its first outing last night!

Now for the next thing, a pair of jeans.

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  1. I find it hard to send anything to the Charity shop, although I do buy quite a lot of clothes from the Charity shop, much of which needs a tweak or two. Actually I don;t see it as buying clothes but making a donation to chair and getting some clothes for free!
    I love the idea that something as simple as taking the sides in can give this shirt a new lease of life. Good job!