Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Birthday Skater Dress!

It was my birthday last Saturday and Husband excelled himself and booked a table at The Dome in Edinburgh. I had heard how amazing it was a Christmas but WOW, I didn't expect it to be this fab!

Anyway, a special place meant the perfect excuse to make a party dress! I spotted this dress in M&S and knew I needed to make one of my own!

I bought 2m of stretch velour on ebay (£5.99 p/m) and whipped up this Lady Skater in a couple of hours.

think I was about to say something...!

The fabric is more of a teal colour in real life but it is the perfect understated party dress (it is stretchy too so may end up as my Christmas Day Dress too!

Going to hit publish now, we have had no consistent internet connection for weeks now so actually being able to publish this will be a miracle!


  1. Happy birthday! Sorry to have missed you on Saturday, but it looks like you were having a much better time anyway! The Dome is amazing at Christmas, isn't it? I have never eaten there by usually like to go for a drink at Xmas time.

    Your dress looks fabulous and you look amazing! X

  2. A belated happy birthday to you. Wow the Dome looks amazing as you do in the lovely dress you made.