Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Eclipse - 12/52

Did you see the eclipse?? We were very lucky in Edinburgh, the thick clouds held off until just after the maximum eclipse!

I went in to E & E's school to set up some pinhole cameras but it was too cloudy for them to work very well so I ended up lining up the kids and letting them all have a go with the eclipse glasses we got at Jodrell Bank! I reckon 200 kids got to see it through them in the 20 mins around the maximum eclipse.

I got a photo through the eclipse glasses,

but my Dad got some amazing photos taken through the windows at this work which have special filters on them!

The kids were totally amazed by the whole thing, they were loving looking at the sun when we got home to see it without the moon in front of it!

We are now contemplating a trip to South Carolina to see the full eclipse in 2017...!


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