Saturday, 16 April 2016

Sewing for pleasure again - A Starry Lady Skater

It was on the hanger squint, the hem isn't really squint :)

I made something! It has been a long time since I made something for me, what with Mum, business and diabetes, my sewing time has been limited. The last thing I made, last October, sits in my basket of doom waiting for fitting issues to be resolved... It is one of those things that has lots of emotions tied up in it because of when I was making it (please say other folk find this and I am not as crazy as I feel) so I am not sure it will ever be finished.

Last week I found myself with a free evening (gasp!) so I raked out this fantastic Girl Charlee jersey fabric that I won in a giveaway that Helen at Just Sew Therapeutic ran last year and, after some deliberation about patterns,  set to work on my 6th Lady Skater.

The only think I did differently this time was that I cut the bodice in the size bigger than I  normally would so there was little need for it to stretch over my bust, it is printed jersey so goes white when stretched too much. 

Awful photo I know but it really was the best of a bad lot and I was freezing!
 I really like it and it will look much better when I don't have the tights line above my waist :)

Now if spring would just appear so I could actually wear something that doesn't contain or need layered with, wool that would be great...


  1. Yay for sewing for yourself! This looks fab on. The star print is lovely. And yes re the emotions thing. I think we sew ourselves sane sometimes. Hope all is OK with you and little E. X

  2. Yes sewing mixes with emotion no doubt at all. Great dress well done finding time for something for you. Lou x

  3. Your dress looks great, how satisfying to get something sewn in an evening too. And you're definitely not crazy for having emotions tied up with sewing, I think it's the same with anything creative. For me my sewing machine has emotions attached as it belonged to my mum, so I think of her every time I sew. I hope you and your daughter are doing well.

    1. Thanks Kathryn. Glad I am no crazy :) Little e is good thanks, slowly getting used to things.

  4. It looks fab! I've heard spring is just around the corner.... untill then i think it will look great layered with cardis scarves etc. Glad you have found some time to yourself with everything else going on in your life.

  5. Hi Alison. We love the dress, thank you for braving the cold for the photos (roll on Summer!) Our fabric looks great! The link is here for anyone who likes it -
    Happy Sewing!