Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Liberty Trio

I seem to have a backlog of unblogged sewing projects and part of me can't be bothered writing them all up but the other part likes to have a record even if no one reads it so here goes!

 First up is this lengthened Plantain top. I made it in a horrendously difficult to photograph Liberty jersey that I bought last year when I was making a dress out of it for one of my customers. It  was super simple to make and is perfect for wearing over skinny jeans so there is no bum on display! I promise the hem is straight, it was sitting squint on the hanger!

Next up is a Renfrew top. I have made so many of these and it is by far my favourite top pattern, it always amazes me how different fabrics look in the same pattern. This is a rather clingy Liberty jersey, I think it is Viscose and is definitely not as flattering as my cotton jersey versions! It will be fine once the post Easter bulge has been walked off though :)

Last but not least is yet another Lady Skater dress. I think this is my 7th version and it is a fab animal print cotton Liberty jersey. I say this every time but think this is my favourite so far!

I have bought and printed the Juniper Cardigan pattern so I can make a short cardi to go over my Lady Skaters. I don't wear them as often as I should as I don't have a suitable cardi so hopefully a navy wool blend one will fix that problem.

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  1. Fab makes, all the more special for being liberty. Enjoy. PS that cardi looks a good pattern.