Sunday, 6 March 2011

Life has got in the way of crafting..

What a crazy couple of weeks! Life has got in the way of creativity, Big E has been ill, little e has been a menace taking her clothes off every time you turn your back, which is not ideal when it is only 6degC outside, we have cleared out my Grandparents old house (they moved nearer us but left all their life's worth of stuff in the old house which we have had to clear before it can be sold..) and we have been booking a holiday! 
A rare moment where little e kept her clothes on...

We have been thinking about going to Florida to see the space shuttle launch for ages but have been putting it off in case it was postponed! Since the one at the end of Feb went up on time we decided to bite the bullet and book to go! A 7.5 hour then 2.5 hour flight with a 5 year old and 2.5 year old, we must be mad! Fingers crossed the shuttle is not postponed, Big E will be so upset if he doesn't see it... We plan to go to Disney but are trying to keep it a secret from the kids, I doubt that will work as as soon as people know we are going to Florida they will ask about Disney! 

Will we or won't we see something take off from here....??

There should be more crafty things here over the next few weeks as I make some more summer clothes for us all! I have not been on a holiday when I have not been pregnant for 7 years so my summer clothes are slightly excuse is the 2 children since then but it probably more to do with the quantity of baking I have done!!


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