Monday, 10 October 2011

Pine Cone Wreath - tutorial of sorts!

Our house went on the market last Thursday and in an attempt to de-clutter I have been clearing out cupboards - fun fun fun! I came across a large bag of pine cones I collected last year to make a wreath with but never got round to making it so, using any excuse not to have to tidy any more, I thought I would make it.

I thought it would be simple, stick pine cones in a circle using my glue gun then hang with ribbon...

It started well , I used a small wire wreath form as a guide so it was circular and then chose my cones.

Then I started gluing and realised that it was not easy to get them to stick together! So after 2.5 glue sticks I had a (not as circular as I would have liked)  pine cone wreath! I reinforced it a bit with extra cones at the joins round the outside which worked pretty well.

Fingers crossed it doesn't come unstuck when it is packed up with all the Christmas decorations!!



  1. Very pretty! I love pinecone wreaths. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Just popped in from The Kurtz Corner ...

  2. The wreath looks great! Fabulous way to use up those pinecones!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. o great job girl!! pinecones look so fun:)

  4. This is super cute! I just love it! Fall is so wonderful for making cute wreaths. I made a painted leaf and acorn wreath and posted it on my blog. Check it out if you like. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Stephanie @

  5. This is great! I love the simple beauty of it!

  6. Looks great. My little one would like this- she likes pine cones right now for some reason. lol Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.


  7. Alison, this looks so great and festive! The ribbon is the perfect finishing touch. Hope you're having a great weekend :-)

  8. I got some supplies today to make a wreath as well:)

    I LOOOOOOOVE yours!


  9. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing it at Weekend Craft Soiree! :)

  10. looks great! i love natural things and pinecones are great!! have always wanted to make one of these using those little mini ones :)