Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Blue Room

Another room almost finished, phew!

Big E no longer has to share little e's pink room, he has a blue bedroom of his own! We have plans for a feature on one wall which includes space stickers but the stickers say to wait 3 weeks before applying to newly decorated surfaces, so wait we will!

This is how it was before:

Horrible carpet, dirty walls, cupboard that houses the water tank falling apart...

We lifted the carpet, insulated as much as we could under the floor, levelled the floor,

insulated the outside wall, built a new cupboard, removed the horrible fake beams from the ceiling,

 plastered the ceiling and outside wall, repainted and got a new carpet.

Then we added all Big E's stuff...

and it is almost done, phew!

Now on to the living room with no ceiling....

p.s.  I should add, when I say 'we' did this and that I mainly mean husband when I am talking about the hard core DIY, I do the painting etc though!

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  1. What a transformation! I particularly love the built in shelving - clever hubby of yours!!

    S x

  2. What an amazing makeover! The room looks brilliant now - so modern! Great job! good luck on your ceiling-less living room!!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Looks great - what a transformation! Good luck with the living room. x

  4. That looks great! I'm impressed with your husband's DIY! :D

  5. Thanks for linking to Handmade Tuesdays! What a major transformation. I love the shelf in the corner. What a smart use of space.

  6. Would love to have you link up at Sunday Round Up Link Party! 3 Blogs = 1 Party!

  7. The transformation of Big E’s room was amazing! From what looks like a plain space, it is now a lively and beautiful room. By the way, did you ask Big E’s opinion if there’s a particular color he wanted for his room? Or did you do the honor for him?

    -Anselm Armando

  8. What you did in Big E’s room was awesome! It’s really different from how it looks like before. Well, the carpet is what I like most. The color you chose goes well with the wall paint and with the rest of the stuff in the room. It’s totally wonderful!

    William Gulliver