Saturday, 12 January 2013

52 in 2013

I am joining in ( a wee bit late) with the 52 portraits of your children in 2013 over at Che and Fidel .

Here are my first 2 weeks (rubbish phone photos...):


Tea time in a messy half finished kitchen!!

First (and last if I get my way) ice cream factory
They wouldn't cooperate for separate photos so I got a 'hug'!


  1. They are fab piccies, natural and fun!

    I had planned a group shot of they kids every day - so not practical! So I am doing one a week now, much better and I'll still have a nice way to see them grow through the year!

    Have a lovely day, Estelle xx

  2. They are so very sweet together.
    Have a beautiful week.