Saturday, 2 November 2013

Another Dress - V1194

This was another dress I chose because, technically, it should have looked good on my rectangle body shape....

I made in from a light weight cotton jersey with some lycra that I got on ebay. It was the wrong fabric choice, too stretchy and not thick enough. Unfortunately I only realised once the dress was made and  that the fabric stretched out of shape at the back under the weight of the gathers.

It looks awful in this photo, couldn't be bothered to iron it and I really need to put my shoulders back.. I wore the dress to my Nephew's christening and thought it looked ok until my Mum was asked twice if I was pregnant again.... Another item relegated to the wardrobe until I become skinny, hahaha.


  1. Such a shame - the colour is terrific!

  2. I think it looks very nice on you! I don't think everything has to be tight and fitted, I love loose flowy garments.