Wednesday, 8 January 2014

DIY Beaded Bracelet from a Cracker Bracelet!

My Mum is a cracker addict... She buys the Christmas Crackers in the January sales so she gets the nice ones cheap then keep them until the big day!

This year they were very pretty with silver plated things inside and beads on wire on the outside, so , naturally, I rescued the bracelets and beads and instead of adding them to the stash I processesed them straight away. The first one was used to make my double stranded bracelet, this one was kept more intact!

I layed the beads out to choose which order to attach them, then put a headpin on each bead and attached them to the bracelet.

The only problem with making things from cracker bits is that it does feel a bit cheap so I suppose I will have to keep it :)


  1. That bracelet turned out beautiful! :-)

  2. Keeping it sounds like a real hardship! :) lucky you!