Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hummingbird Skirt and Top

Finally, some sewing!

I bought the Hummingbird pattern in November but have only just got round to making it.

I wasn't sure about the shape of the top for my rectangular body shape - peplums are a bit of a no no apparently but I fancied giving it a bash, more to see what the Cake patterns were really like than anything else!

I took my measurements (yikes, need to shrink a bit!) and cut out the appropriate size ( I used some cotton jersey interlock that I got on ebay). The top went together well but I made the mistake of not trying it on before sewing the peplum on and ended up with the top bit being a bit big. I managed to tweak the fit, not perfect but ok for a first go (I have now taken it in and it is so  much better). I cut the low neck not realising how low it was and, since I don't want to add the fancy collar, I am left with a top I have to layer.

I feel a bit like the back end of an elephant in it (!) so may not wear it all that much anyway!

I made the skirt from some Fairtrade Organic Denim which creases like crazy but is lovely and soft. The skirt went together well after I worked out that there really was a pattern piece missing and downloaded it! The skirt was massive when I tried it on so took a good 2 inches off the waist and it is still a bit on the loose side... Next time (and there will be one soon, I love the skirt on) I will know that I need to cut a smaller waist measurement!

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  1. Great skirt Alison! Shame about the top - it looks way too big for you. All sewing is learning though, so no doubt your next hummingbird creation will be better. Mind you, that aqua colour on you is lovely.

  2. I think if you cut a smaller size, that the top would look good on you. Who said peplums are a no no? If you say you are rectangle in shape, I would have thought a peplum would give you more shape? Not that I think you need it, but I know you know what I mean! Love the skirt though! :)