Monday, 15 December 2014

Another Party Dress - Vogue 1408

When I saw this pattern I though it would make a fab colour block dress. I bought the fabric ages ago intending to make it and wear it to a wedding yesterday. Typically life got crazy busy and the dress was made over a few days last week, another last minute rush job!

I ordered the fabric online (royal blue, cerise and purple ponte knits) and they are not the colours I was expecting (and the photos above don't show the colours well at all)... the royal blue is more like an electric blue. I went with the rather vibrant colours anyway and this is how it turned out.

I like it, feels a little costumey and I need to sort out the hem as it has sagged a little but I like it! It went together nicely, and is my first fully lined dress. It is lined with a stretch crepe fabric.

A little crumpled after a rather long day at the wedding!
I cut a size 14 and merged into a 16 at the waist. I shouldn't have, it is a bit big round the middle but good for this time of year when food is plentiful! I might take it in over the seams I enlarged but there are a lot of them...!

Now I need to sew the couple of Christmas orders I have, a twiddle cushion for my friends Mum who has dementia and Cinderella dress. Must do them soon....


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