Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas in pictures

Before the influx of pressies!
Since the New Year is almost here I thought I would share some photos of our Christmas. It has been busy but full of fun, family and friends!

Our day started early - 5.02am to be precise.... plenty of time to open pressies, go to Mum and Dad's where my sister and her wee family were, to church and back to our house, all by 11.45am!!

My Swarovski Snowflake 'tree'.

Not nearly as many cards this year.
Our entrance hall
Christmas Morning - Inline skates, lego and animal sponsorships from Santa and us!

My Dad got a huge book of maps, not sure where Mum thinks he will store it though!!

little e was watched by her shadow, wee G.
Mum got enough perfume to bath in!

little e adopted the Californian skater style later on Christmas day as she
modeled her gymnastics stuff and skates :)

Hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas, I will be back here next year with some monthly goals, that has to be more achievable than yearly resolutions!!

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  1. Merry Christmas! It looks like you had a lovely day. Incidentally, we got a lot fewer cards this year too. I wonder why?! Love your Swarovski tree! So pretty! X