Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Me Made May Days 30 & 31 and a final round up!

Well, Me Made May is over for another year, May went so quickly!

Here are my final two outfits:

Day 30: Despairing at my menace children!

Me Made: Renfrew that will be blogged soon and spotty trousers.

Also wearing: Vivobarefoot shoes

Day 31:

Me Made: Tunic from Sew Serendipity Book, necklace.

Also wearing: M&S Jeans and charity shop cardi.

I have loved taking part this year, especially seeing everyone's photos on instagram.

During the course of the month I have made 4 pairs of trousers and 4 renfrew tops so the sewing machine has been busy but the holes in my me made wardrobe have been (almost) filled.

A few other things I have learnt this year:

  • This is the second year I have officially taken part in Me Made May and when I compare last years collage

with this years I feel that this years outfits are much more put together. I buy very few new clothes and get most of what I don't make from the charity shops or ebay but I seem to have got a bit better at choosing things that can be worn together!

  • I  need to get rid of clothes when they are worn out, there are only so many holes you can sew up and the item to still look good.  On that note I have recycled my two cream tops worn this month and made some new ones!
  • I am not the right shape for a lot of the popular patterns at the moment and must look but not buy the patterns! I have been exercising a lot and have shrunk but unfortunately as my hips shrink my shoulders and chest look even bigger!!
  • I need to make more cardigans, I love cardigans!!
How did everyone else get on? Anyone else go on a sewing frenzy and end up with an enormous pattern wish list...?!


  1. Yey, well done. Can't believe how much you've sewn this month. Well done on all the those trousers. Looking forward to seeing you make some cardigans.

    1. I now realise why my house is such a mess - too much sewing... I have fabric for at least one cardi so that should be soon!