Minion Bob Birthday Cake


Little e was 7 a couple of weeks ago and, after falling in love with Minion Bob after seeing the Minion film, asked for a cake like him.

I made Husband a Minion cake a couple of years ago so used the same method, cook the top in a pyrex bowl to get the curved head and layer it on normal round cakes.

This time I propped the whole thing on a cake pan because there is only so much cake I can eat (no one else in the house is a big cake eater, wierdos!) and decorated over the pan so you can't tell.

The cake was half chocolate sponge and half normal Victoria sponge. Both sponge had raspberry jam in the middle and the whole cake was crumb coated in vanilla buttercream before the decoration. To decorate it I covered the whole cake in marzipan then used coloured fondant for the rest.

It turned out surprisingly well and she loved it. I don't want to eat any more cake for a while though...:)

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  1. Cute cake! I am also the only cake eater in the house -- so when I make it, it is a special treat.

    1. Thanks! I have taken to making cake then freezing it in portions, then I can't eat it all.......!

  2. Great cake. Mine would live on cake if I let them!

    1. Thanks! I am with your lot, the more cake the better!


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