Sunday, 13 March 2016

Another bump in the road - type 1 diabetes's.jpg

Just when I thought my time sitting in hospitals was over little e ended up in hospital a week past Friday with a Blood Glucose level of 33 (normal is 4-7). For the 6 weeks before little e has been drinking loads and also going to the toilet a LOT. I thought she has cystitis or a chill and thought it would pass. It gradually got worse and the week she ended up in hospital I was up on average 5 times a night with her to the loo (she won't go herself in the night...)

I knew that the drinking was a symptom of diabetes but thought I was being paranoid. Until I googled and spoke to a friend who's husband had diabetes. I got an emergency GP appointment and within 2 hours we were in the Sick Kids in Edinburgh with a almost certain Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis for little e. We were lucky, we caught it fairly quickly before she was seriously ill.

We have now survived 6 days at home, giving 5 or 6 insulin injections a day and carb counting everything we eat. Little e is already doing her own blood glucose readings, about 10 a day. My poor wee girl is a pin cushion :( She is being so amazingly brave and taking it all in her stride. I think because we caught this early she doesn't really appreciate how serious this can be. She was off school all last week and will probably do back next week after the diabetes nurse has visited the school. Not sure either of us want her to go back to school, we enjoyed some lovely time together last week!

Still no sewing happening that is not work...

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  1. Poor little girl, how frightening for you all. Well done for spotting the symptoms.