Friday, 4 March 2016

What have I bought - February

Taking part in Elise's Buyers Archive had jinxed my buying habits, I spent nothing on anything clothes related again last month. I did visit my favourite charity shop hoping for a few bargains and it was closed for refurbishment, I was so disappointed! Hopefully I will be able to snaek in a wee trip there this weekend though, it  is Mother's Day after all!

I did buy some curtain fabric last month though. It was entirely my sisters fault for taking me to Rejects in  Kirkcaldy. It is one of the only non charity shops that I could spend hours in, especially when you can get bargains like this beautiful Voyage Velvet fabric.

I fell in love with it 3 years or so ago when I was looking for fabric for my living room curtains but at ~£75 per meter it was way beyond my budget. I spotted it in the sale section in Rejects and actually squealed when I saw what it was reduced to... won't believe me... £13.99 a meter!!! I bought 4m , enough to do the curtain in my upstairs hall and, hopefully 2 blinds for the downstairs hall.

On a totally different  note, we booked our summer holiday, we are going to Florida! I am so excited, we were there 5 years ago and it was great fun and it should be even better now the kids are able to appreciate it more, although I may have to sell a kidney to buy the park tickets - £1500 for the 4 of us for 7 days Disney, 2 Universal and 1 Kennedy Space Centre, gulp.

I used the shock of realising how much park tickets would cost to induce a mass Ebay selling session. We are all selling things we no longer want/need in an effort to raise the funds. It is really showing the kids that these things don't come cheap!

Hopefully the charity shops will be kind to me in my quest for some summer clothes before the holidays as I have not had time to do any sewing for myself since October. I have gone from being Mum's week day carer to being the main carer for an almost 100 year old Granny and time is not that plentiful... Fingers crossed I get to sew something for me soon though, I have inherited all Mum's patterns and there are a few things I would love to make.

Maybe it won't be a month before the next post...


  1. What a bargain! I love when things like that happen. Such luck. And very exciting on the holiday front. Good idea getting the kids to sell some of their stuff too. X

  2. What a fabulous bargain for such beautiful material and something wonderful too look forward to.