Friday, 29 July 2016


We have just got back from a fun 2 weeks in Orlando  it was a busy but relaxing few weeks after what has been an insane 4 months.

We started the holiday at Universal Studios, it was great, I met a Minion and ate breakfast in the 3 Broomsticks in Hogsmead!

 I made a couple of panic pairs of shorts in the few days before we left, my summer shorts were all too big (!) when I finally dragged them out of the box in the loft. I was going to make some nice pairs of proper shorts but instead used one of the the trouser patterns I have made my own and cut them on the knee. They have a jersey waistband so are super comfy.  The brown pair in the minion picture are not really squint and I can't actually find a photo of the others!

Big E loyally wore the shorts I had made for him but little e was having none of it and decided that all the shorts I had made for her and took with us made her look like a clown..... She rotated 2 shop bought pairs for the whole holiday :)

Husband didn't get any hand made holiday clothes but I did get him 6 new short sleeved shirts / polo shirts for £10 from my favourite charity shop, bargain!

Some other highlights were meeting Chewbacca at Hollywood Studios,

meeting Stitch in the Magic Kingdom ,

and seeing a Falcon 9 rocket launch and landing!

When we were in Florida 5 years ago we hoped to see the second last shuttle launch, it didn't while we were there so this almost made up for that disappointment!

Back soon with some proper sewing!


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