Saturday, 3 February 2018

Simplicity 1252 Dress

I made this dress at the end of last year after the pattern sitting my pattern box for over a year and the fabric for way longer than that! I have always fancied a dress this style but I have never been sure...

I only had to make a few tweaks, I doubled the size of the dart in the front of the dress (you can see the baggy front in the photo from before I did that tweak) and shortened it a few inches. 

I'm still not sure it is a great shape for me but I have worn it a fair bit and it fills a gap in my wardrobe.

I have a few more sewing projects to blog but apart from that I have no more planned. I really fancy making a coat but really don't need one.  The dilemma! Maybe I could sell one of the coats I have and replace it with a new one. We'll see...


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