Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Completed failure - Roll Neck Top

This is yet another pattern that has been lingering in my stash for ages. I have never had quite the right fabric for this top but after making my cord dress I really wanted a roll neck to wear under it so, in an attempt to not but any  more fabric, I used the liberty jersey in my stash. Mistake.

Unfortunately the pattern has an obscene amount of ease in it. I made a large which matched my measurements but it is massive. I can't wear it under the dress as its so baggy and the fabric isn't thick enough fabric to wear as a jumper so I have been wearing it over other tops with a jumper on top. Not ideal as the fabric doesn't lie right at all.

Maybe I will take the sleeves off and make it smaller sometime but I can't face unpicking all that over locking yet!

Anyway, onward and upwards, I made a fab purple velvet Cleo dress which is ready to be blogged if I ever get round to taking photos!



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