Monday, 2 April 2018

A New Love - Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

 I've been cheating on sewing.... calligraphy and hand lettering have become something of an obsession since Christmas and they are so much fun! I have a few books I have been learning from and also doing You Tube tutorials.

It has been a lovely, if at times inky, way of relaxing in the last few months. Life has been busy with doctors and dentists for e and my Granny and loads of cello related things for E so there have only been 10 mins here and there to actually do anything remotely crafty.

I did squeeze in an evening to make the Cleo dress at the end of February but am currently unofficially doing slimming world so am not making anything else until the summer when I should hopefully reach my target weight (8lb down so far). Calligraphy is a lovely substitute.

A lot of what I have been practicing is Bible quotes, it has actually been quite meaningful, more than I imagined, but I will get all deep and meaningful in another post!

Nothing is really good enough to frame yet but that hasn't stopped me. Al and I celebrated 20 years of being together at the start of March and I made him this:

I also needed something to fill a frame in my downstairs loo. I wrote this Albus Dumbledore quote and did a few doodles on it.

It is hung by the light switch of course!

My next task is to learn to use the more traditional calligraphy pens that were my Mum's. I follow Seb Lester on Instagram and he is apparently doing an online calligraphy course sometime, I will definitely be signing up!

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  1. You are quite an artist. I can only see you getting beter and better then you will have lots of work to frame.