Friday, 6 April 2018

Cleo Dungaree Dress

Pattern: Cleo by Tilly and the Buttons

This pattern had been on my radar for a while but I had resisted the temptation to get it as I was not sure it was really me. That was until my little sister requested one so of course I had to make myself one as a practise run first.... (excuse the awful photos!)

 Fabric Used: Purple velvet that has been in my stash for 8.5 years that I used some of to make e her first party dress!

Other bits: Clasps came from ebay, as always!

Size Cut: 14, no alterations

Making it: It was a really simple and quick make and the finished item looks really good, like it took much longer. To be honest I was a bit sceptical about the pattern, I am not a great indie pattern fan, but the pattern was great.

The Finished item: I am still not sure this is very me, I feel my bust is too big for the front flap and I am struggling with what to wear underneath it. Any suggestions? I have worn it though and it is comfy so I might even be tempted to make a denim version sometime!

Side Note: These photos (the ones where my arms were by my sides were horrendous and not fit for the blog!) made me start unofficially doing slimming world, I have not been this big in 20 years and the extra padding has to go! These were taken in 5 weeks ago and I started 4 weeks ago. 10lb down so far!

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  1. This looks great on you. I love the colour. Could you maybe widen the bib to cover your bust more, if you feel you need it? I think it looks fine in the photos though - I think it really suits you, and it might just be that you need to get used to the style. I can imagine if feels quite weird to wear at first. In terms of what to wear it with, I like this green top underneath. A stripy top would look good too, or a polo neck. TBH, it would work with any long sleeve top and it might be nice to try it with some bright colours. Get yourself on Instagram and Pinterest and see what other people wear dungaree dresses with.