Thursday, 24 May 2018

Me Made May Week 2 and 3

Here is a wee round up of weeks 2 and 3 of Me Made May.

Day 8: Raglan sleeve top from the Sew U Home Stretch book. I used a woven fabric for the front and I love the idea but I used a mish mash of jersey. I plan on remaking this top with the same front panel but better jersey.

Day 9: Very worn out Liberty jersey Renfrew top. Not worn this for ages since is is a bit scabby looking but I can't bear to throw it out!

Day 10: Not very flattering McCalls 6992 jumper. Think it's a keep cos I love the fabric.

Day 11: The itchiest jumper in the world. This is the Owls jumper by Kate Davies Design, the only thing I have knitted to wear. This will be only worn in future with a thick under layer with a polo neck and long sleeves!

Day 12: New trousers based on the Jocole skinny pants pattern. Love these and couldn't resist making them. Also totally accidentally matched the patterns on each leg!

Day 13: Banksia top which is now a bit big but nice for warm weather when no cardi is required. It's a keeper.

Day 14: McCalls 6844 cardi made of awful fabric that is slowly falling apart. It is a warm weather cardi though so should last me another few years since warm weather isn't that common in Scotland!

Day 15: Heavily refashioned men's polo shirt. This was always way too tight, now it fits, yay!

Day 16: Starry Lady Skater dress. I love it but is is very loud....

Day 17: Spotty trousers made using my trouser block. These are now too big and really faded, they look ok here but not in real life. Theses are now in the recycling bag.

Day 18: Husbands wedding shirt refashioned into a blouse. Love this tucked in now I am not as round!

Day 19: New Look  6446 jumpsuit in some inherited fabric. I made this in January and this was it's first wear but it is too big over the bust now. It will need altered before it is worn again.

Day 20: I wore a Megan Nielsen Karri dress and my wee sister wore a Cleo dungaree dress, both made by me. I really don't like the fit of my dress, will be altering the neck line to see if that helps, if not it will be recycled!

Day 21: A wrinkled linen New Look 6217 top. It's way too big now so is going to the charity shop.

Only 10 days left to go and I am almost at the end of my rarely worn clothes which is great. I have a large alter / refashion pile and a load of stuff has already gone to charity. Also there is a load of stuff that is unwearable as it is just way too big, mainly summer skirts, which is nice but does mean there will be lots of alterations happening here, normally I get paid to do that kind of work :)


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